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Navigating College Life: Unleashing Inner Talents through Design Thinking

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College is a special time in our lives when we embark on a path of self-discovery and learning about the world around us while enjoying a pressure-free environment. It is the foundation for our future, providing us with the time and freedom to explore unlimited possibilities.

Unlocking the Golden Hours with Design Thinking :

In the hustle and bustle of college life, identifying and utilizing the golden hours can be a game-changer. These priceless moments, free from the burdens of life, allow us to explore our inner talents. We may effectively tap into these golden hours and reveal our true potential by applying design thinking.

The Significance of Inner Talents :

Success is not merely a result of birth; it is crafted through purpose and the pursuit of one's interests. Recognising and fostering one's inner skills is an important step towards success in any field. For example, if you’re enjoying sitting in one place and doing some stuff again and again, that you’re suitable for coding or other technical works.

Empowering Students through Workshops :

The workshops curated and conducted by Mohammed Ajnash are nothing short of immersive journeys into self-discovery and skill development. Here's a glimpse into the workshop experience that has captivated the minds of over 200 selected students and help them to discover their inner talents :

Ajnash's workshops are not passive learning experiences; they are interactive and engaging. Students are encouraged to actively participate, ask questions, and share their insights, fostering an environment where learning becomes a collective endeavor. While many workshops focus on theory, Ajnash's sessions go beyond by providing real-world applications of the concepts discussed.

Interactive Learning and Extended Interactions :

Post-workshop interactions lasting more than 120 minutes are a testament to the impact Ajnash's workshops have on students. The depth of these discussions, covering a spectrum of subjects from marketing to technology, showcases the relevance and practicality of the knowledge imparted. These discussions generated useful insights, allowing for a better knowledge of the subjects.

Real-Time Implementation and Internships :

While many people can teach, the real challenge is turning workshop concepts into real-time execution. Adetive offers internships to qualified students as part of its commitment to offering hands-on experience. This programme aims to unlock the golden hours in a variety of fields, allowing students to apply their newly acquired knowledge in real-world settings.

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Ajnash's workshops are not passive learning experiences; they are interactive and engaging. Students actively asked questions, and shared their insights.

Impressive Outcomes :

The programme had a tremendous impact on students, who discovered and polished their inner talents. The subsequent internships yielded outstanding results across fields, demonstrating the value of utilising golden hours in a focused manner.

Beyond the Syllabus - Pathway to Achieving Talents :

Our dedication as an educational institution extends beyond traditional teaching methods. The workshops don't just end with inspiration; they provide a tangible pathway for students to unlock and develop their inner talents. Ajnash's guidance extends beyond the workshop, offering students the tools and resources needed to continue their journey of self-discovery.

Who led all these Workshops?

Founder Spotlight: Mohammed Ajnash - A Visionary Catalyst for Success

In the realm of educational inspiration and professional guidance, one name stands out: Mohammed Ajnash, the visionary founder behind the transformative workshops that have left an indelible mark on countless students.

This interactive session, led by our founder, Mohammed Ajnash, took place at esteemed institutions like IIM and Thassim Beevi Abdur Kader College for Women. Ajnash, with a rich background working for 50+ brands and recognized by Infinitum Education in London, brought real-world experience to the table.

  1. Entrepreneurial Prowess :

    Ajnash's entrepreneurial journey speaks volumes about his dynamic and forward-thinking approach. Having worked with over 50 brands, he has not only weathered the challenges of the business world but has also thrived, developing projects from scratch and showcasing a rare acumen for innovation.

  2. International Recognition :

    A standout achievement in Ajnash's career is his recognition by Infinitum Education in London, affiliated with Oxford University, as the sole Indian selected for an entrepreneurship pitch. This acknowledgment underscores his global impact and the esteem with which his expertise is regarded on an international stage.

  3. Self-Funded Initiatives :

    What sets Ajnash apart is his commitment to self-funding initiatives. By demonstrating the ability to cultivate success independently, he serves as an inspiring example to aspiring entrepreneurs. His self-reliance reflects not only financial acuity but also a belief in the value of one's vision.

Mohammed Ajnash's workshops are more than just educational sessions; they are transformative experiences that empower students to recognize and harness their inner talents, setting the stage for a future marked by success and fulfillment.

Are you inspired by Ajnash's transformative workshops? Bring the power of innovation to your college! Contact us via email at to explore the possibility of conducting workshops that ignite creativity and unlock potential in your educational institution.