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Adetive builds a website for an NGO - that aims to bring English to rural students

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Nonprofit organisations have separate themes and focus on volunteer and donor-based websites; here's the story

  • CLAD is a value-focused NGO. To create magic in every rural person’s life. Today, English is the global language to connect end-to-end easily. But learning is not accessible to all.

  • CLAD dreams of achieving every rural person's dream of accessible English. Adetive, a tech-enthusiastic firm, joins hands with CLAD. Transfer CLAD's dream into reality using technology and emotions.

  • Description : For CLAD, the adetive creates an immersive web application. To showcase their dream to the world.

  • Motto : Invite or convert volunteers and others.

Corporate vs NGO :

  • For Corporate, we want to use attractive words, Media, colours, etc. But for the NGO, we convey the value better. If anyone enters that digital space, our digital space conveys the story in all aspects.

  • So our UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) teams take on an undercover operation. To absorb the story well and design the assets. Using emotional images, colours, and content is better.

Building with technology :

  • Assign the cutting-edge technology team to develop the web application. The tech team started their coding journey from scratch. For every wireframe, they coded well, and finally, the web application of Clad looks eye-catching.

  • Mainly, the data collection from the web application is very important. From a volunteer or fund perspective, the team uses the data storage better.

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There has been an increase in enrollment in schools run by the Greater Chennai Corporation in recent years. Pic: Shobana Radhakrishnan

Low performance to high performance is possible?

  • After every development, the web application looks very good. But the performance was low. So the testing team tested everything. Improve the performance. Finally, the design had high performance, which we achieved.

  • The clad team has many suggestions to the best of their knowledge, so we absorb every thought from the team calmly. And start making changes without moving or affecting the web application's performance.

Adetive approved as a tech Partner,

  • Finally, the wait is over. The CLAD story through the web application starts their real journey. With lots of effort, align the mindsets of different people.

  • You can see the final output magic by clicking here or at More than just a web application is developing. Adetive joins hands to fulfil the mission and vision of Clad.

  • "Tech is not limited to business or large brands; it will enable NGOs to serve the world efficiently.

  • Adetive is offering low-cost or free technology support to all NGOs worldwide.

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