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Validate the receiving goods in your warehouse to avoid a mismatch

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Every product starts in the warehouse, so its the basement of your business operations success. Continued operations improvement in the warehouse moves your business smoother.

Operation Problems,

Validate every received good which matches the purchase order (PO) 

 Client Country - Saudi Arabia Branches - Over 75+ in Different Places

Operation Solution,

Develop Powerful Operation Methods -> Line Drawing -> Approval from Client -> Workflow System Prototype -> Development using technology -> Testing -> Implementation -> Updates -> Support

  • While receiving the goods, need to validate that the ordered product and receiving product are correct. To avoid mismatch of unwanted products. To avoid quantity mismatch of the ordered quantity. 

We develop validated applications using barcode and QR technology. Prepare data to connect all three for validation of product name, product code and barcode.

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Warehouse Management System

Through the QR-powered application, validate the correct product, and product quantity received and update through the application.


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